Big Serve Spring 2019

My heart feels so proud and excited that God is moving and somehow we get to be a part of it!

I am excited at the movement it’s creating!

This is amazing. I can picture our Lord smiling as He sees His bride working in unity and being his hands.

Beautiful is the body! Power in unity!

These quotes are from prayer warriors who have been praying for our city and its’ pastors for months. They are responses to answered prayers and awe of God’s activity through His bride in New Braunfels. God is moving in our town and He wants his Church to be a part of what He’s up to. What a gift to join the Lord as he changes lives!

If you’ve been around the Springs for a while, you’ve probably heard about the Big Serve. We are the Church, we don’t attend one. What started out as a way for our congregation to remind ourselves of this, seems to be turning into a city-wide movement.

About five years ago, the Big Serve began as a Sunday service day at the Springs Community Church. Over the years small groups, friends, and neighbors joined the mission. Two years ago, Peace Lutheran, who had their own national service day through the Lutheran Church, saw the value of working together with area churches and asked if Big Serve would join them in their September Service Day (God’s Work, Our Hands). In September 2018, NB Church of Christ joined the team and between the three congregations, we had over 400 volunteers serving our city.

In December 2018, 18 area pastors from 12 denominations came together and realized that the “big C” Church was not meeting the needs of our city as well as it could. They decided to join forces and meet monthly, praying together and asking the Lord how we might better share Jesus with those who are hurting and in need throughout New Braunfels. One of their goals was to do something together this spring, and thus, the Big Serve Saturday was born.

On April 13, 2019, 12 area congregations are coming together to serve the local non-profits who deal with hurt, pain and real needs in New Braunfels. Big Serve is committed to further unifying the Church of New Braunfels. We need one another and can more effectively serve our city if we are doing it together. Jesus will be made known through our unity and our service. Those pastors and many many others are regularly asking the Lord to unify us and make us more effective as His hands and feet.

The goals of the Big Serve Saturday are to:

  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve the needs of our city.
  • Unite the Body of Christ in New Braunfels as the “Big C” Church, reminding us that we are all parts of the whole.
  • Introduce churchgoers to the needs of New Braunfels and encourage them to step in and be a part of facing that need throughout our days and weeks, not just as a one-time service day.

Why sign up for Big Serve Saturday? Because God wants you to be a part of what he’s up to in New Braunfels, too. Maybe you’ll grow closer to your community group as you pick weeds, perhaps you’ll meet someone from another congregation who becomes a mentor, maybe God will peel the layers back and reveal how he wants you to be a part of the life change in someone else’s life. Step out and serve. Maybe God will change your life in the process.

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