We’re Meeting in the Gym Again

Hello Springs Church!

As many of you know, this past week we stepped out of our usual Sunday morning gathering place inside the ballroom and gathered for the first time in the gym! We were hesitant to meet in the Gym due to the acoustics and echo. After laboring over the consideration of several potential alternatives, we decided to go ahead and meet in the gym, as we thought that it would be a great opportunity to do a “test run” in the space.

While our Sunday gathering in the gym this past weekend certainly faced challenges (ECHO), we could not have been more surprised by the other positive results far surpassing our expectations.

While we noticed an obvious echo whenever there was one individual speaker, we were blown away with the praise and worship saturating the room…the voices almost harmonizing together as they bounced off the tin roof! It added a real sense of energy and passion to the worship, and we could not have been more encouraged by all our Worship Team did to lead that time well.

We hadn’t planned to utilize the gym until we were able to make specific improvements to the acoustics of the room, but we saw through this past weekend’s “test run” of the space that what we all expected to be terrible was actually tolerable, but the grace of God. Two of our AV Team graciously took off work on Friday to work on the acoustics in preparation for Sunday.

We need to continue making improvements, but we are going to meet again in the McKenna gym this coming Sunday for corporate worship and teaching!

We learned last week that McKenna has an additional 250 chairs we can keep in the gym permanently, which is a tremendous cost saving for us. We do still believe that there are needed improvements to make (permanent curtains, a larger stage for the band, additional projector, window black-out boards, lighting trusses, etc.) Those improvements are what combine for using $60,000.  That amount is the scaled-down version of the original $120,000 that would allow us to maximize the space to its full potential.

We believe working toward this reasonable way to have our large, Sunday gatherings in the gym will only bless The Springs. Part of the reason we are so keen on making the gym work sooner versus later, knowing the acoustics are tolerable is because we see how it will benefit so many other areas of ministry for The Springs.

Here are some of the ways utilizing the Gym will bless our body on Sundays –

  • It will allow our Worship Team to practice together during the week.
  • The Set-Up & Tear Down Team will be able to decrease in number and redeploy to help us greet each weekend.
  • The Kids Ministry team will have a better environment for 2nd-5th grade students.
  • The Middle School Students ministry will be able to improve rooms on Sunday mornings.
  • In addition to blessing The Springs on Sunday, this permanent space will help us better make disciples throughout the week. It will…
    • Provide a setup space on Monday nights for Re:Generation
    • Allow us to consider the adoption of the marriage ministry Re:Engage
    • Create a potential space for our Young Adults Gathering on Tuesday
    • Support an environment for our Wednesday night Elevate
    • Give us the flexibility for other future, mid-week discipleship opportunities as well.

We share all of this because we know that many of you care – thank you!

As of now, we are not settled on using the gym as our corporate gathering space permanently, but we sure are excited to give it the “Old College Try” again this Sunday as we continue with our work-in-progress!

Please join us in asking God to use our gathering time to grow our love for Him, lead people to faith for the first time, and to advance His Kingdom in New Braunfels and beyond.

Please stay tuned for further details. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask by emailing John Almquist at [email protected].

It is an honor to run after Christ with you all, and we are excited to see where God continues to lead us in the next phase of this facility!

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  1. Georgia G Brown

    I missed church last Sunday, so I am so excited we are going to try again. 150 +/- steps closer to the front door! 😉😘

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