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Springs Offices move to McKenna Gym! – UPDATED


For most folks who have had the privilege of moving, we can be honest and say that the process of moving is anything but a privilege.  Even if your new destination is exciting, the exit from the previous “home” is often exhausting.  No matter how long you’ve been there, there is the inevitable declaration of, “I had no idea we had so much stuff!”.   Our move to McKenna this week was no different.  A lot of work, a lot of stuff, and the excitement of arriving in a new place with new potential.

Since the May 19th Family Meeting we have continued to discuss moving our offices to the McKenna Gymnasium, and as of June 17th this is our official new home!  While the move of the office isn’t an indicator of a financial milestone, we’re so excited about the possibilities this space can offer.  First is the potential to better utilize more office space for the same cost of other more traditional office spaces we had identified.  The ongoing focus, regardless of where we are, is the desire to be faithful to the mission God has set before our church body.

Our team has worked tirelessly this week to move out of the former offices and into our new space, all the while trying to make it usable amongst the contractors who are there to provide power and networking to our work stations.  As you know, moving offers new opportunities to clean out supply closets and optimize what you might consider ongoing necessities and what items may no longer serve the purpose they once did.  That said, the gym currently contains the contents of the offices and the Sunday trailer, which when spread out can seem like a lot to manage.  With the new set-up comes the opportunity to consider how we can best use everything we have to impact the disciples God grows at the Springs.

Would you like to help? – UPDATED

We previously mentioned needing help on Sunday moving the Springs furniture and supplies out of the way of a demo crew taking down basketball goals. THE REMOVAL OF BASKETBALL GOALS HAS BEEN POSTPONED. We will let you know when it is rescheduled and provide opportunities to help with the transition.

What’s next?

Pray for resources that will allow us to build temporary office walls for breakout rooms allowing us to provide great care for our Springs family. Your generosity continues to fuel the mission reaching our hurting community.

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  1. Andrew

    If you’re needing help moving stuff this coming Sunday, the 23rd, I can help.

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