Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

What has been the biggest influence on your growth as a follower of Jesus?

When I think about the biggest influences towards spiritual growth in my life I don’t think of a specific sermon or a book I read—I think of a list of names. Morgan, Darcie, Kasey, Layne, Kathy, Kara. These aren’t the only ones, but few things have impacted me like the women who have taken time to know me, walk alongside of me, and speak truth into my life because of that.

Relationships matter. Its why one of the core values of our church is that we are committed to community (Hebrews 10:24-25).  Life changes happens best in the context of relationships and the people that we do life with are the ones who have the greatest potential to impact and influence us. In Kids Ministry, our volunteer leaders have the opportunity to introduce kids to the idea of biblical community, to help them learn to apply God’s Word, and to show them that following Jesus is a ton of fun!!

In Kids Ministry, our leaders our able to invest in the lives of children in a way that has the potential to change everything – here are a few snapshots. 

A couple of weeks ago I met a new family and walked them back to a preschool classroom. Two of our leaders did an incredible job welcoming that little boy and engaging him to play with the other kids in the classroom. When I saw the family after service and asked the little boy how his class was, he told me, “We’ll be back!” 

One of my favorite parts of our Kids Ministry is the incredible High School students that serve. If you have a second or third grade daughter, they’ve probably come home from church more than once with glitter on their faces—a sure sign that one of our rockstar senior girl volunteers was their leader for the day. These girls are imitating more than just style and glitter from their high school leaders; they are learning to imitate the ways these older girls love and follow Jesus.

One of our preschool kiddos is three-years-old but she knows the people who show up to serve in her classroom month after month. Her mom shared that when she walks into church and sees a leader from her class, she points at them and says, “Mama that’s my teacher!” 

Leaders matter to us in Kids Ministry. For preschoolers, consistent leaders provide a familiar face when so many things in their life are changing. They can come be comfortable in an environment that is unfamiliar when they are met with the same group of familiar faces each time. Elementary kids are constantly learning and discovering new things about their world. When leaders consistently show up for kids in Elementary school, they help them learn to make God’s Word their foundation as they discover more and more about the world around them.

How would you like to come and join us to make an impact on the lives of children? Not babysit – disciple the next generation. We are still looking for approximately ten more leaders to serve with in Kids Ministry for the next year.

If you are interested in serving, or want to hear a little bit more information, please reach out to me (MK Gauci) at [email protected]

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