Casual Community

Have you ever had a great experience you believed was a once-in-a-life time experience? Only to realize later it wasn’t all that it could have been or was potentially more exciting, exhilerating, breathe taking, or thoughtful? You might realize your initial experience was more casual than you thought versus the ‘real deal’. Today we look at casual community and biblical community. In Mark 2 we see that biblical community is anything but casual.

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What is a Believer

What does it mean to become a believer? What do we mean when we say ‘fully devoted follower of Christ’? What are some areas in my life that require full devotion but get less of me? Children? Parents? God? My work? When we examine 1 Samuel 15:14,19 the picture is more clear what it means to be all-in, or what we would describe as full devotion.

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