Let Us Pray

Today, we are going to talk about the Power of Prayer , but more specifically, how there is no Perseverance without Prayer

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While I’m Waiting

In this message, we see how Christians are called to be patient – patiently waiting for Christ’s return.
More specifically, looking at how Christ’s return makes everything worth the wait.

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Today, we are talking about what we are meant to do with our wealth… “Don’t Waste Your Wealth”

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Our Plan vs God’s Will

We have been working our way through Chapter 4, where James has drawn out this sense of categorized faith that can occur in all Christians. How we essentially have a faith that trusts in God, as well as ourselves. It is our will vs God’s. James has been showing us how full commitment to God is a good life, and it comes through humility and submission. Today we will see how humility and submission lead to a trusting of God’s will and not our plans.

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Fake News – James 4:11-12

James has been teaching on a faith that is all-in. A faith that is not marked by worldliness, but a faith that is marked but a humility and wisdom from God. Last week we talked about the Christian life being a life marked by Submission, and this week we will see how a submitted heart doesn’t step into God’s role, but trusts God to do his.

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Submission is Freedom

What is the key element that should mark the Christian life? Submission. James is going to show us how “Submission is the path to freedom.”

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