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Want your kids to actually be fully-devoted followers of Christ? So do we.

As a church body, “we call all people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” This goal doesn’t just start when someone turns eighteen; we believe that even kids can fully follow Jesus. While kids learn differently than adults and their expressions of faith can look different—the core elements of faithfulness are the same.

Our Kids Ministry desires to create Sunday morning environments for kids to know Jesus, grow in faith, and go tell others about him.

As a parent, you will be the primary faith influence in your child’s life. No one else will spend as much time with them or have the unique opportunities that you have to coach them through life. Kids Ministry doesn’t take that role away from parents but partners with them to introduce kids to church. Our Sunday morning Kids environments have the same elements as church does for an adult: teaching, worship, and community. We do this in FUN ways that kids connect with and that fits their age and the unique ways kids learn.

These past few months has brought a lot of growth to Springs Kids. On Promotion Sunday we had more kids than ever before in Kids Ministry—98 kids to be exact! Right now, we are quickly outgrowing the number of kids that we can take in a class based on our child to leader ratios. This means that once a class has reached its capacity, we are not able to take any more kids on that Sunday. This breaks my heart and we never want to turn families away, but we have to cap classes for two reasons: safety & discipleship.

1. Safety—We want to give your family a great Kids Ministry experience and we know that means keeping your kids physically safe while they are with us. Our current ratios allow leaders to give kids specific attention, monitor kids while in the classroom and make sure kids can’t leave the classroom area unnoticed.

2. Discipleship—Our goal on a Sunday morning is more than just babysitting. We desire to teach kids to know biblical truth and live by it. Our activities are kid-focused and engaging. Our classes are a child’s first taste of a sense of community. All of this takes individual focus and attention, something we can’t give with too many kids in the classroom.

So, what are we asking?

We are actively trying to recruit twenty more volunteers for Kids Ministry. This will allow us to fill our current holes and add an extra leader into each of our Preschool classes so that we can host more kids each Sunday.

If you’re interested in joining our Kids Ministry Team, I would love to talk with you! If you’re a parent, please give us grace as we recruit and train more leaders. We don’t want to turn anyone away, but we will in order to disciple well the kids in our care.

If you have any questions about Kids Ministry, I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you!
Please reach out to me (MK Gauci) at [email protected].

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