Hey there, my name is Dan Cowan and it is my honor to serve our body in the areas of operations, finance, technology, and my personal favorite, recovery. I am the proud father of four beautiful and corrupt little creatures God has entrusted to myself and Jodie, my wife of 20 perfect & glorious years of marriage (yeah right). We have not always been a power couple you see before you, (powering through gallons of coffee that is). We’ve actually been great friends since middle-school, so be careful who’s pony-tail you pull.

We both have a tremendous love in our hearts for Jesus and the Fighting Texas Aggies where we graduated college in 1997 & 1998. Our story is a rich history of trials the Lord continues using to shape us over time.

The journey hasn’t been easy, in fact, it has been tremendously difficult but without a shadow of a doubt, not only do we find peace in the chaos, we give thanks. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, we give thanks for the trial of losing both of our father’s, Jodie’s mother, financial roller-coasters, career crisis, infertility/adoption, addictions, dashed dreams, stumbling blocks, misplaced trust, fear, and even the loss of a child.  Sounds crazy right?

As we look around and see a hurting world with crumbling marriages and people drowning in their coping vices desperate to escape pain-filled wounds with only the threat of more, we give thanks. Not thankfulness for this broken world and the tragedies befalling us left and right, but because of the trials that have prepared us for this time.

It is with great confidence that we know our endurance is only possible because of the mercy of tremendously painful trials helping us trust in our savior Christ Jesus. He, unlike any other claim of divinity, has come to us and experienced the ultimate pain and trials. All other claims of a path of enlightenment require your good behavior and work to ascend to become enlightened… maybe.

Jesus is the only one true God who is absolutely crazy about you. So much so that he came to be with us and it requires nothing from us. We simply need to examine the evidence, believe he is Lord, and put our trust in Him as the One. True. God.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to share my story of grace and all the beautiful miracles in my life, only a living God delivers.

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