Who We Are

“We call all people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

The mission of the universal Church is to glorify God by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s mission to advance His Kingdom on earth is deeply connected with our mission to make disciples in every way through our local context. Therefore, we seek to be and make disciples as God’s ministers of reconciliation. As people who have been received a belief in Christ, by grace through faith, we seek to share and serve our greater community with this good news. The Springs calls all people to be fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The Springs sees to make disciples in every environment and; however, our primary form of discipling all people to be fully-devoted followers of Christ is through our community groups. We see community groups as vital to the development and formation of spiritual maturity. They are the environment where we must live out the “one another’s” of Scripture, and by doing so, reflect everything that Christ intended for His Church.

We are imperfect people with stories of brokenness and pain. It is okay to not be okay at The Springs. But, because we believe in a God of redemption, strength, and restoration, faith in Him means that God wants to help you not stay there. We are a people that strive to grow in love, trust, and obedience to a God that loved us first. And why do we do all of this? Because He is good, and He is glorious.

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