Next Steps

Next Steps

Get to know us.

We want to help you take your next, best step. Whether you want to jump straight into Membership to join a Community Group or you simply want to spend some time at one of our mid-week ministries, come learn what we’re all about. If you have been walking Christ for decades, or you are new to faith itself, we have a place for you.


Come and join us.

What's your next step?

Be a Member

Before you join a community group or serve in many ministry areas, Membership is your first step. During this process, you’ll learn what it means to be on mission and get an overview of our equipping, serving, and connecting opportunities. 

Join a Group

Community Groups exist to connect people in authentic relationships leading to spiritual transformation. Community Groups are the primary place of discipleship at The Springs, so we ask all Members to be a member of a Community Group. 

Start Serving

Our church could not function without the support of volunteers. We ask all Springs Members to choose an area to serve. Our desire is to pair your gifting with the needs of the church and the community. Start the process by filling out the Serve Form today!