Foundation groups

Community Groups For Couples Married Three Years or Less

Foundation Groups exist to establish newly married couples for a lifetime of oneness and ministry in the context of Christ-centered community. These groups have three to six newly married couples led by an experienced mentor couple. This group walks through a 15-month curriculum to help them build their lives and ministry on a solid foundation. If you’re looking to establish your 1-3 year old marriage on a biblical basis, we would love for you to join.  All Foundation Groups are treated as Community Groups
Topics Addressed in Foundation Group Curriculum
• Marriage Foundation
• Spiritual Disciplines
• Physical Intimacy
• Financial Stewardship
• Conflict Resolution
• Biblical Community

How to Join a Foundation Group

Be a Member

Before you join a community group or serve in many ministry areas, Membership is your first step. During this process, you’ll learn what it means to be on mission and get an overview of our equipping, serving, and connecting opportunities. Join us for Membership Class held the third Sunday of every month.

Join a Group

Community Groups exist to connect people in authentic relationships leading to spiritual transformation. Community Groups are the primary place of discipleship within The Springs, so we ask all Members to be in a Community Group. If you are not in a Community Group, email Jonathan Dennis to get connected.

Start Serving

Our church could not function without the support of our volunteers. We ask all Springs Members to choose an area to serve. Our desire is to pair your gifting with the needs of the church and the community. Check out the Serve page to explore our different areas of service and fill out the Serve Form to join a serving team.

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