How to Give toward ALL Relief

How to Give toward ALL Relief

We believe that Christians should serve in ways that advance the gospel, wisely steward our resources, and engage the hearts of those around us in strategic and life-changing ways. As we seek to do that, we know that includes helping individuals in need find resources. We believe that the most effective kind of help is delivered in the context of relationship, which is another reason why every single dollar that passes through Springs Community Church is part of our “missions budget.”

Give to Springs Community Church’s General Fund

If you are choosing to make a gift towards The Springs’ General Fund, it will go towards all of the day-to-day mission and support services of the church. This giving allows and helps The Springs to continue moving towards being all that God intends for His local church. Giving can be done online and has never been easier or more secure.

Give to Springs Community Church’s 432 Relief Fund

Striving to be all that God intends for His local church, The Springs’ 432Ministry wisely provides for the basic needs of Members during financial hardship (food, clothing, shelter). Our hope is to provide help to Members in need, as well as life-giving care to all involved. We seek to love, support, and disciple everyone involved in the process. Opportunities like this are tremendous examples of the church being the church! Any resources given to this fund will be set aside for the direct support of relief efforts.

Give to Comal County Cares

Comal County Cares is an independent organization that The Springs has partnered with during this unprecedented time. Comal County Cares is a coordinated effort of local nonprofits to support Comal County residents struggling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic with their financial, physical, and mental needs. The Springs has partnered with Comal County Cares to create a centralized navigation point for the coordinated support of our community.

If you have questions of any kind on how or where to give, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jonathan Dennis ([email protected]). Our team would love to support you however we can during this time

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