A mentor is an extremely valuable part of the recovery journey. A mentor’s role is to point to Christ, pray, encourage with Scripture, help process through the steps, listen to inventory, provide prayer and input for repentance plans and amends plans, and Biblical guidance when needed.

If you have been asked to mentor someone through the 12-steps of re:generation, this is truly an honor!  It means that a participant is willing to trust you with some of the deepest parts of his or her life and sees that Christ is alive in you.  Mentoring someone through recovery may feel overwhelming, but remember that God is already at work in the participant’s life.  Recovery does not depend upon you.  You get a front row seat to the changes that Christ is making in that person.

In the coming months, re:generation participants will work through a biblical 12-step recovery process: salvation, confession, repentance, forgiveness, amends, reconciliation, intimacy with God and The Great Commission.  This discipleship happens in small groups of participants working with leaders, recovery partners and mentors to take each step of healing one step at a time.  It is the same sanctification process that all Christians should experience as we grow in our relationship with God and he transforms us to be more like Jesus.

re:generation mentor is a guide outside of the step group who is granted authority by a participant to speak into his or her life for the sake of spiritual growth.  The requirements for mentorship are that the person is a committed Christian of the same sex who has a biblical foundation for life and a clear understanding of the gospel.  Mentors are not expected to fix participants.  God is the one who heals people through His Word and The Holy Spirit.  A mentor’s job is to encourage, speak biblical truth with grace and show Christ-like love to the participant as he or she works through the steps.

The most effective mentors are those who spend time on their knees for the participant, themselves and the re:generation ministry.  They serve from the overflow of Christ’s joy in their hearts, trust God as the source of healing and lean on God’s Word for counsel.  They actively work with the participants’ group leaders and recovery partners to support the participant.

We praise the Lord for the work He has done in you to prepare you for this journey. Galatians 6:2 tells us to “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”  As a mentor, you will have the privilege of seeing God bring greater hope, freedom, and peace as He works in your friend’s life.



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