kids ministry

About Kids Ministry

We desire to join parents in teaching kids what it looks like to know Jesus and be a fully-devoted follower of Him. Through large and small group experiences, Sunday mornings introduce kids to worship, Biblical teaching, and community--building a foundation of engagement in the local church. It is our hope that by the time kids leave Elementary ministry they will have a growing understanding of God’s love and how faith in Him changes everything. We pray they will trust Jesus, learn to depend upon His Word, and be eager to share His love with others.

Small Group Leaders are an integral part of the Kids Ministry experience. We believe one of the best ways we can partner with families is to give kids another adult in their life who is teaching Biblical truth alongside their parents. Small group leaders serve once a month in the same classroom with the same kids to build relationships with kids and families. We would love to see small group leaders continue to lead the same group of kids for multiple years in Kids Ministry.

Serve with Kids Ministry

STEP 1:  Membership

We ask all Kids Ministry volunteers to be committed to becoming a Springs Member. This includes attending the Membership Class, signing the Membership Covenant, sharing your testimony, and committing to join a Community Group.

STEP 2: Serve Form

Once you've begun the membership process with The Springs, you can apply for our Kids Ministry team by filling out the Serve Form and selecting Springs Kids.