About Worship

Scripture is clear that worship is much, much bigger than music. We believe worship starts with the individual and we are meant to worship God each day--whether through reading and meditating on Scripture, serving the needy, proclaiming Christ’s love to a coworker, loving on our kids, etc. However, a unique aspect of worship occurs when God's people praise Him together through song. There is something powerful about a group of vastly different people coming together to proclaim the same truths about God and to understand how to love Him more. We recognize that God has gifted some of His people with particular talents and abilities to lead others in song and praise.

Worship volunteers serve at least twice a month, and this team is broken out to support multiple ministries throughout the week. Apart from Sunday mornings, other options to serve on our Worship Team include Monday evening with re:generation (Recovery), Tuesday evening with The Gathering (Young Adults), or Wednesday evening with Elevate (Student Ministry). The Worship Team works hard to coordinate personal schedules with the weekly needs of our various discipleship ministries.

Serve with Worship

STEP 1:  Membership

We ask all Worship volunteers to be committed to becoming a Springs Member. This includes attending the Membership Class, signing the Membership Covenant, sharing your testimony, and committing to join a Community Group.

STEP 2: Serve Form

Once you've begun the membership process with The Springs, you can apply for our Worship team by filling out the Serve Form and selecting Worship.