My name is John Almquist, and I grew up in Woodstock, GA. I moved to Dallas, TX, after graduating from Emory University to work for a small management consulting firm. It was shortly thereafter, I started attending a local church where I heard something that I had never heard before. Though I grew up in the “Bible-belt,” and though I had been around churches most my life, this was the first place where I began to notice how the love of God was real, powerful, and gracious. By that, I don’t have to be better or do anything to earn God’s love – all I have to do is simply believe that through Christ’s death and Resurrection, He paid the penalty for my sins. Not some. Not most. All of them. That idea was AMAZING, and by God’s grace, it still is to this day.

Almost two years after trusting Christ, I had the privilege to go on staff at Watermark Community Church through a pastoral training program. During my time there, I served as a Community and Connecting Pastor with roles all across the church body. While I loved every minute of my time there, I can remember the day when God placed on my heart the desire to lead a church body outside of that community of faith. It was also during that time where I met Taylor, the wonderful woman who would become my wife.

While I was in no rush to figure out where God would have me go, we were introduced to The Springs Community church in December of 2016. It would take an 8-month interview process for me to realize it, but God was calling out family to head south to the land of waterparks, rivers, sausage, and beer. So, with the affirmation of my church leadership, and the excitement and confirmation of believers at The Springs, I joined as Lead Pastor in September 2017.

Here is why I love what we get to do… When you open up your New Testament, you see a church body that is vibrant, dynamic, trusting, bold, courageous, dependent, passionate, teachable, truth-telling, and so many other things. You see a people so filled with God’s Holy Spirit that they really do believe God wants to change lives, and in humility, they are faithful enough to ask Him to use them to do it. God is looking to transform hearts to see him as Savior of the world everywhere, and we believe we are part of His mission to do that with every person from San Antonio to Austin. I am an imperfect pastor leading an imperfect people, but we believe in a perfect God who has given us a perfect mission. And that mission is worth giving our lives to pursuing. My prayer for The Springs is that that it always acts as a place where we all help each other pursue being fully-devoted followers of Christ. Why? There is no better way to live than serving the God who loves.

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